Situated in the most Easterly region of the European Union, on the Russian border. I think we can be forgiven the feeling that we live far from anywhere…

Further North than Anchorage, Alaska and further East than Istanbul, Turkey, we live with glorious landscapes and extreme climate. Every year becomes an inspirational cycle of colours, mood and forms.

our house

Original Art and Design

Handfelted using traditional “Wet-felting” methods. The lay-up is made with dry wool and then hand-felted using pure pine soap and warm water to completion. The work is then rolled to bring it to the required hardness.No needle felting or sewing techniques are used in the process.


All works are made with Finnwool collected from local organic sources. Bought as raw wool, self- picked, washed, dyed and carded, This labour intensive method allows complete control of the quality of the raw material. The wool is dyed using protein fibre specific reactive dyes or local plant and fungi dyestuff. Sometimes indigo, madder and other imported plant dyestuff is also used.

No cutting, sewing or needle-felting techniques are used in the making of the felts. The edges are all turned and then felted as a whole.They are first hand felted then completed in a self made rolling machine. This allows the large, thick felts,to have a durable, hard-wearing finish.


Any combination of colours or design motifs can be incorporated in the work. Please contact me for specific information about products and design possibilities. There is a six week, or longer, waiting period for larger pieces.

Growth Wall Hanging

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